Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Genting Highlands

How can anyone not looking forward to an overseas trip? I sure enjoyed my trip to Genting Highlands last June. I enjoyed the scenery, the wind in my hair and the luxurious hotel room. But there are also things that pissed me off. First of all, the food over there is outrageously expensive. One plate of wanton noodle - without the charsiew meat - cost RM12 which is calculated to about S$5. Even the coffee at the Starbucks cost more - includes additional charges for whipped cream. Secondly, the lady whom takes orders from customers at the wanton stall is extremely rude. She deliberately ignored me when I asked her "what is taking my food such a long time to cook?". Clearly, she has some attitude issues. Thirdly, the locals seemed to take their own time to serve its customers food. They are so slow that when the food are eventually served, it has turned cold. And the list goes on... To hell with all their lousy services.

On the contrary, the hotel services are excellent. The staff of the 5-stars Genting Hotel are helpful. I took a photo of the outdoor theme park from my hotel room.

Hey, haven't you realise something's weird in the photo above? Look closer. It's a bird! No, it's a plane! It's a rabbit!

Yeah. It's a rabbit. Fine, it's cumulonimbus clouds taking the shape of a rabbit. Cute, huh?


At 5:31 PM, Anonymous CF said...

"It's a bird! No, it's a plane! It's a rabbit!"
okay.. this is ultra lame and redundant.


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